You absolutely need to see a lawyer

to find out what you need to do to protect your share of the houses. Even if you end up getting back together with your husband it’s a really good idea to know where you stand.

If your grandfather is willing and able, there may also be ways to protect your share of his house in *his* will.

This stuff is really different on a state-by-state basis.

And I agree with Eldred, if you are completely sure that you’re going to get a divorce, don’t put it off. Some things don’t improve with age.

One thing DR talks about a lot is “accidental investments”. You own 50% of a rental house right now with your husband. If you didn’t own the house and received $100,000 (or whatever your share is worth) right now, would you choose to take that cash and put it into a joint investment with your husband? If your first reaction is “NO WAY!” then you need to think hard about getting out of that and into something that makes sense for you today.

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