Wish me luck

As you know we’ve been playing with making cards and scrapbook pages to sell for awhile. I’ve been slowly building up my inventory to do a massive upload to the site. Part of what I’ve been running into is a limited supply of designs, embossing, die cutting etc—those things can get expensive.

I have a Webfoot Tub Designs budget, but because of all else that has been going on I’ve avoided using it, just in case. We get the truck back, finally, tomorrow and it looks like it’s going to come in under estimate—thank goodness.

Anyway, today it was posted on the Cuttlebug group (it’s an embossing machine folks) that cricut.com was running a 75% off sale on a lot of the embossing folders, dies and other Cuttlebug related items. I at first started to ignore it and go back to my big cleaning project I’ve been doing.

Dh called me out of the blue this morning and asked what I was doing, I told him I was mulling over even looking at the sale because of the truck. He told me to check it out and if it came in under budget with good buys to do it because we needed the equipment. He told me to take the day off from cleaning and do one of my thorough cost comparison shoppings. He figured I needed the rest.

Long story short I spent the entire day first making a wish list, then paring it down and then trying to place the order to have the website drop the entire order (61 items) to finally getting the order placed. I basically got $500 worth of stuff for $70 (well under my budget—just in case) by buying only the 75% off stuff, taking the slowest (cheapest) method of shipping, being able to stack another 25% off coupon on top of the order, and applying a $35 store credit I had with them. Dh was thrilled! Now I’m waiting for my new toys to hopefully make some gorgeous cards and scrapbook pages that will sell. Wish me luck.

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