It’s a fine line to walk that is for certain

Our decision making process has been a tough one this last five years and we, being the humans we are, sometimes let want get in the way of need, but for the most part we either repaired it ourselves the best we could or did without.
Right now the near wrap around decks on the house are slowly one by one in segments collapsing. Our solution until we are totally debt free. Stop using the one off my bedroom entirely, use salvaged lumber from other spots to make it safe to go in and out the other two main entrances and ignore the rotting railings. They are ugly, but there is a enough rebuilt good we can get up and down the steps safely.
My garage door has not been closed in three years because it is broke and we decided to put up with the animals getting in there and leaves filling it up in the fall rather than put out the $500 or so to repair it properly. As well as the hole in the wall near the garage door. It’s an eyesore that irritates the heck out of me, but I see that $500 being that much closer to being debt free.
When my laptop died the guys put together a desk top for me out of parts of several different computers. When dh’s died he used first one that was my really old one, and then ds’ old one when mine died. He limps along with it and a hand me down tablet. Except when he and ds are telecommuting. Then they use the one ds rewarded himself with when he was debt free and got a huge Christmas bonus. This one they built as well because ds could get three times the computer for the price by them building it. It too contains many used parts. Our computers were needed to help generate income, or we would not have invested any money in them.
The hot water tank went that first year of the program. It was replaced immediately. I’m sorry, but my days of boiling water on the stove and taking spit baths are over for life as far as I am concerned. I did that for 15 years when I ran the ‘voo circuit and I don’t care to go back. I absolutely refuse to take cold showers!
Auto repairs that involve safety or to head off major problems. We save up and pay for as fast as we can. No creditor on this planet is worth endangering the lives of my family or others. We take 2 payday loans in California at (404, not working now!) for last 12-month period. When my thyroid was trying to kill me, we took care of it immediately and made payments to the hospital. Both dh and I desperately need eye glasses right now. They are slated to come out of either the ss check we get tomorrow or next month’s after all we need our eyes to work. The truck repairs must come first for safety sake and then we’ll see how much of the checks are leftover to pay for the eye glasses. However, the dental work we both need will wait until we are totally debt free.
My freezer died twice in that 5 years. We repaired it the first time because it was still under warranty. The second time we decided to try living without it and we are doing great without it, so we probably won’t get another one. However, if my fridge (either one of them) goes down again it will be replaced as soon as we’ve saved up for it.

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