I’m just not even sure what to do

We just got the booklet for DH’s health benefit options.
$780 a month to cover the whole family (it’s $390 a paycheck so some months it would be more.) And that’s HMO.
I know they are a smaller company so I wasn’t expecting the rate to be “as competitive” as when he worked for a larger company, plus the average insurance rate post Obamacare implementation was going to rise, but DOUBLE what we were paying? Barebones dental is another $30 a month ($15 per), and Vision (pretty much there’s no point) $12 a month ($6/per).
The only good news is it would be paid pre-tax, which would lower our taxable income by $10,140 A YEAR.
TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR for medical insurance.
Oh My Gosh. Thank goodness I got all the kids’ dental stuff for their missions done when we had county medical.

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