I am working on stuff for another craft show this weekend at Oak Alley

historic plantation on the Mississippi River in Vacherie, LA. I need to box a few sets that remain unboxed after our last show that was rained out on the 2nd day. I am also making up 12-15 sets to replace some of what we have sold. Oh, about the rain out. We got there Sunday not knowing what would happen that day with wet grounds and all. We were told on Saturday afternoon that most of the bad weather would go south of the show location and the show would go on. Well, Sunday morning I figured it would be a slosh pit at the show, and it was. We were disappointed it was cancelled because we like meeting customer and getting to know our vendor neighbors. However we were glad we did not have to work in the slosh pit. If it had gone on we would have stayed though. Those who close early on their own have that as a mark against them and it can mean disqualification for future events. However, cancellation by the organizer means no one is penalized.
In the meantime today I called on a local retail store that has previously bought from me. I have not heard from them in a while, mostly my fault for not following up with them. They ordered 26 sets of coasters!! Yeah!! I am putting them on my calendar to call them about every 6-8 weeks for reorders.
I have been searching online for places to get my supplies at wholesale. I have submitted the necessary info to several places. Some of these outfits say “wholesale” but when you get to looking at their “wholesale prices” they are not even close. Many, I have found out use the word “wholesale” to draw in people but their prices are no better than retail SinaCash.com – cash advance online, learn more how it work. I can often get at least 90% of my stuff at 40-50% off of retail just by using coupons at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s with coupons. So I am using that as a guide when looking at wholesale. For online wholesale to work for me, it has to be less than what I pay at HL or M’s when shipping and any other fees are included in the total. So far … almost always, wholesale is not cheaper even when it’s legitimate wholesale. Shipping can eat alive a small business. I am not even trying to find the tiles cheaper. Shipping for that is about equal to the price of the item. Just recently a local flooring store would sell me a box of tiles for “x” but would add in shipping and it was equal to the price of the box of tile. I passed. Ordering the tile online … I have the cost of the tile plus shipping, which again doubles the cost. It is not cost effective for me to do it that way. There is another local flooring store that sells it to me with out shipping added in. I think they absorb it into the cost of installation jobs or something. Not sure how it works and I don’t want to rock the boat when I’ve got a good deal going on. LOL

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